Center for a Changing Workforce (CFCW) provides research, education, and policy analysis on employment and benefit issues facing low-wage and nonstandard workers, including temporary, contract, and part-time work.


The Center produces independent reports on emerging employment issues and collaborates on joint research projects with other policy including the Iowa Policy Project in Iowa City, IA. CFCW has produced recent reports on Wal-Mart, health insurance for nonstandard workers, temporary work at major universities, and the employee leasing industry.

Policy Analysis

The Center develops policy alternatives to address the lack of health insurance and other benefits for low-wage and nonstandard employees on the local, state and national levels. The Center also monitors and analyzes staffing industry legislation. CFCW was instrumental in developing successful legislation in Washington State protecting long-term "permatemp" employees who are denied benefits.


CFCW develops educational presentations and training materials on substandard health insurance products, permatemping and other nonstandard work practices. CFCW has exposed substandard health insurance offered to Wal-Mart employees in articles in the Los Angeles Times and many other newspapers. CFCW played a key role in exposing the practice of misclassifying permanent workers as temporary to avoid providing benefits. The issue has been featured in a long-format series on CBS Evening News Eye on America; on the pages of such periodicals as Business Week and Time Magazine, and nearly every major newspaper in the nation including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post and the L.A. Times.

CFCW Staff

David West has directed the Center for a Changing Workforce (CFCW) since 1999. He has over twenty-five years of experience in public interest and community organization work, including 18 years with Citizen Action multi-issue coalitions in Wisconsin and Washington. He has extensive public policy analysis experience in health care and health insurance, employment and labor issues, utility issues, and state tax and budget work. He has a Masters in Public Policy and Administration (MPA) from the Daniel J. Evans School of Public Affairs at the University of Washington, and a BA in Economics from University of Wisconsin at Madison.

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